General Questions

How do I view hidden content in a document?

Certain software platforms support features for hiding content. This can be as simple as track changes in a Microsoft Word document to hiding columns, rows or even entire sheets in Microsoft Excel. These features are available to users for ease of use, security across parties, etc.

Epiq has the ability to flag documents with those attributes and provide an alert so the reviewer is made aware of the hidden content. The document "Reviewing Hidden Content During Native Review" was created to help with this process. Click Here to download the How To guide in PDF format.

How do I print documents in DocuMatrix?

DocuMatrix provides the ability to print via a few methods. If you have images for all of your documents, DocuMatrix supports bulk printing of documents. If you only have native files in DMX, you can print the document from the File View. For detailed instructions on printing documents Click Here to download the how to guide on printing in DocuMatrix.

Does DocuMatrix support keyboard shortcut keys?

DocuMatrix does support keyboard shortcuts that vary depending on the selected pane or window in DocuMatrix. Click Here to download a PDF of the keyboard shortcuts.

Is there a quick reference guide on searching?

Click Here to download the Quick Reference Search Guide.

What is the search syntax?

Search is based on Boolean operators, and our DocuMatrix search syntax which is a custom implementation of Oracle text search.

Supporting the use of keyword searching, phrase searching, and proximity operators. Proximity operators are NEAR and DNEAR To search for red within 2 words of blue enter: red NEAR2 blue To search for red where it is ONLY before and within 2 words of blue enter: red DNEAR2 blue

Please review the Quick Reference guide for more details.