General Questions

What browsers are supported by Epiq Analytics?

Epiq Analytics supports Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8, IE 9, IE 10 and Chrome browsers. Newer versions of IE will provide optimal performance.

Additionally to utilize the document cluster visual interface, Java V. 7.0.250 must be installed.

How does the Scoreboard work, and how does it affect my filter and search results?

Across the top of the Filter page is the Scoreboard reflecting the number of documents in the case, by categories of Undecided, Promote and Remove. These Scoreboard categories will be updated as documents are tagged to be promoted to review, or removed from the search results.

The check mark next to each scoreboard category indicates if that category will be included in Filter and search results. To change the selected categories, access the Actions menu, choose the Set Case Context menu item, and make the appropriate selections.

How do I update the Scoreboard categories ‘Promote’ and ‘Remove’?

When there are a set of documents on the document list, use the check box selection column (to the left of the list) to select the documents to be tagged Promote or Remove, click the appropriate button located at the bottom right of the document list.

To select all in the list use the column header select all option then click the Promote or Remove button.

By default the system will apply this decision to the entire family for any selected document.

How do I use the Filter panel?

Expand each Filter panel category to be used, select the appropriate values and click the Apply button. The Filter search results are listed in the results list. Click to retrieve the results to the document list.

The Filter panel will display the category totals, values and document counts for the current document list. For example, after retrieving the results of a Filter search, quick search, or search builder query, when the document list populates with the results, the Filter panel is refreshed to reflect the values for that set of documents.

How do I reset the Filter panel to show all documents?

The Filter panel Apply button is a multi- purpose button. Clicking the arrow button next to apply, you can then click the Reset button.

Remember that only the currently selected categories in the scoreboard are included in the Filter panel and search results.

I exported the document list to Excel. Where do I retrieve it?

From the document list options menu you can utilize the Export As menu item to export the selected documents to Excel. The system will generate the export file and present it in the Results list, under the export heading. Click to open or save.

Can I view the document full size?

The document details area can be detached to view the document text as a full size, separate window. Access the document details option menu, locate to the far right of the screen, and select Detach to New Window.


How do I search the database?

On the Filter page, the quick search feature can be used. It is located at the top of the screen just beneath the scoreboard. Quick search supports search strings using Boolean, proximity, parentheses, and more. The entire database can be searched or within the current document list.

For complex queries, access the search builder feature, by clicking the button with the magnifying glass and the Search label, located to the right of the quick search feature.

Also use the Filter panel to execute searches.

What is the search syntax?

Search is based on Boolean operators, and our DocuMatrix search syntax which is a custom implementation of Oracle text search.

Supporting the use of key word and phrase searching, and proximity operators. Proximity operators are NEAR and DNEAR

To search for red where it is within 2 words of blue enter: red NEAR2 blue

To search for red where it is ONLY before and within 2 words of blue enter: red DNEAR2 blue

Please review the User guide for a detailed explanation of the Search feature.

Can I perform a concept search?

Yes, access the Explore page by clicking the Workspaces menu, and select concept search. Paste in a sentence, or several paragraphs of text.

How do I populate the Filter panel Search Term category?

Access the explore page, and the Search term feature. Load a set of search terms and run them to obtain the hit counts. If the results are satisfactory, use the ‘commit’ button located at the bottom right. This will create persisted search terms that will appear in the Filter panel.

How do I print the Search Term Hit Report?

After loading and committing search terms, access the Filter page, Actions menu and choose the option Export Search Term Report. This report can be generated to reflect the entire case, or can be run from the document list, options menu, to capture search term hits for a subset of documents.

How do I access my Document results after Searching or Filtering?

Results from a search, filter, export or any other action are displayed in the Results List, located at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Clicking on any set of Document Results will automatically load them into the Document List. You can save up to ten sets of Document Results by “pinning” them within the Results List.

NOTE: Pinned Results are only available while you are logged into Epiq Analytics once you logout of the application your pinned results are no longer available.

Epiq Analytics also allows you to direct the Results returned to multiple destinations within Epiq Analytics by hovering over the eye icon, located on each set of Document Results within the Results List.